Kamala Harris Claimed Americans Don't Want To See A Food Fight. Fact Check: FALSE
Politics · Jun 28, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

MIAMI, FL - As the sparks were flying Thursday night at the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate, it was Sen. Kamala Harris' turn to speak.

As a barrage of mostly unrecognizable candidates shouted around her, the former California state attorney general raised her hand and said, "Hey, guys, you know what? America does not want to witness a food fight. They want to know how we're going to put food on their table."

The crowd cheered, but why?

Fact Check: Was Harris's claim that Americans do not want to witness a food fight between the democratic candidates credible?


It turns out that the crowd was cheering because they thought Kamala Harris had announced a food fight. Harris was simply mistaken in claiming this is not what Americans want to see. When polled, over 90% of Americans responded to the survey, "FOOD FIGHT! FOOD FIGHT! FOOD FIGHT!"

Many said that seeing the massive food battle royale between the many candidates would bring them much more joy than Kamala Harris putting food on their table.

In fact, it is also false that Americans want Kamala Harris putting food on their table at all.

Again, a vast majority of those surveyed responded that they were happy to put their own food on their own table, thank you very much, despite the detailed report from the Harris campaign that outlines a delicious "gruel cube" delivered weekly to every home American families to gnaw on for seven days, providing all the needed nutrients, vitamins, and energy with much less waste.

Of those who wanted a food fight, a large amount of also added the response, "AWFUL WAFFLE! AWFUL WAFFLE!"

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