John MacArthur Tells Trick-Or-Treaters To 'Go Home'
Celebs · Nov 1, 2019 ·

LOS ANGELES, CA - John MacArthur endured some criticism from various voices within Christianity after standing on his porch throughout the evening on Halloween and repeatedly telling trick-or-treaters to "go home."

A girl showed up on his doorstep dressed as Elsa early in the evening. "I'm Elsa!" she said. "Isn't my dress pretty?"

"Go home," MacArthur replied, sending the girl running from the porch in terror.

"Also witchcraft is wicked. Use discernment!" he called after her.

Her sister, dressed as Anna, decided to pass right on by and go to MacArthur's Pentecostal neighbors instead, who were rolling around on the front lawn. "They seem like fun!" the girl said.

This continued throughout the night, with cute children happily skipping up to his door only to run away crying. MacArthur told kids dressed in diverse costumes such as Marvel heroes, Star Wars characters, princesses, fairies, devils, angels, pumpkins and ghosts all to go home.

"You go home, you go home, and you go home," he said as three kids dressed as three different Captain America variants showed up. "I can do this all night."

"It's time to put away childish things," MacArthur told a teenager dressed as an Imperial stormtrooper later on. "Go home, take off the Space War costume, and get right with God."

One girl in a Beth Moore costume, ironically, didn't get told to "go home," but just got an icy stare and fainted.

"Why is John MacArthur saying that all trick-or-treaters should just stay in the kitchen and bake?" wrote one John MacArthur hate blogger. "The year is 2019, and we need to update Christianity to change with the times."

"This is exactly what we need in our wishy-washy age of false doctrine," wrote a John MacArthur fan blogger. "The year is 2019, and we could use more people like him telling children to stop trick-or-treating."

While MacArthur took criticism from all sides for the comment, every single one of the kids he told to go home has repented of their sin and trusted Christ.


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