John MacArthur Announces New Commentary On His Previous Commentaries
Celebs ยท Apr 5, 2017

SUN VALLEY, CA - Pastor John MacArthur has already released an extensive array of commentaries on the Bible, but the popular Bible teacher isn't done yet. According to a statement released by Grace to You ministries Wednesday, MacArthur is set to release a full line of commentaries providing insight and study notes to help believers study his previous commentaries.

Titled The Complete MacArthur Commentary on John MacArthur's Previous Commentaries, the 320-volume set will include word studies, grammar helps, and over 5,000,000 explanatory notes to help readers unlock the richness of MacArthur's previous Bible commentaries.

"We introduce each of my commentaries with an extensive look at the historical context in which it was written, which is absolutely essential for illuminating the text of my previous works," MacArthur said in a video uploaded to Grace to You's website. "For instance, how can readers dig into the richness of my commentary on Galatians if they're unaware that I wrote that right near the end of the Cold War, while I listened to Michael Jackson's Bad cassette on repeat?"

The works will also feature maps tracking John MacArthur's ministry, so that readers will gain a deep understanding of the pastor's ministry and work, allowing them to truly engage the commentaries on the Bible on a meaningful level.

According to MacArthur, he's also already begun work on The Complete John MacArthur Commentary on John MacArthur's Commentaries on John MacArthur's Commentaries, set to be released at the next Shepherds' Conference.


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