Iran To Replace State-Run Television With MSNBC Broadcast
Politics · Jan 8, 2020 ·

TEHRAN - In a bid to cut costs and save time, Iran has announced that its 24/7 state propaganda station will be replaced with an MSNBC broadcast.

The decision to broadcast MSNBC instead of official state propaganda came after an MSNBC reporter parroted the false claims of the Iranian government after yesterday's rocket attacks.

"Why spend so much time creating propaganda to brainwash our people when MSNBC could do it for us?" a representative for Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting said to reporters. "It takes a lot of work to put together news broadcasts that obscure the truth and tell the masses exactly what we want them to believe. But MSNBC has it down -- they really understand what we're trying to do. We decided we had to get those experts on our team."

The Iranian people say they have noticed no difference in the bias of the one television station they're allowed to watch after the switch occurred, except "maybe it skews a little more anti-America now."

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