Introvert Fires Off Smoke Bomb To Escape Church Greeting Time
Church · Apr 7, 2017 ·

ATLANTA, GA - The mandatory time of greeting one another during a church service has always been the bane of the socially awkward church member's existence.

But self-described introvert Carla Weslow announced Friday that she has found an innovative way to beat the system: a powerful new smoke bomb she has developed over the past seven years.

Tucked away in the waistband of Weslow's pants at all times, the smoke bomb lies in wait. As soon as a church member spots her trying to avoid attention near the back pew and strides toward her to shake hands and catch up on each other's weeks, the vigilante introvert springs into action.

Maintaining a calm demeanor, she flings the smoke bomb at her feet with lightning speed and accuracy, causing a cloud of thick fog to instantly envelop the vicinity and obstruct her attacker's vision. Weslow then uses those few precious moments of confusion to flee the area using a grappling hook, zip line, or other gadget stowed in her purse.

"I am the night!" Weslow cried out as she rolled through a church window and made her getaway to her car during a recent church service, according to witnesses.

"I just wanted to see how her week was going," a bewildered, coughing church member said later.

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