'Inside Out 2' Introduces New Emotion 'White Guilt'
Entertainment · Jun 14, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. — Disney and Pixar were eager to simultaneously turn around the trend of lackluster box office returns and educate audiences on the dangers of deep-seated racial prejudice this weekend, with Inside Out 2 set to introduce the new emotion "White Guilt."

"You know that book White Fragility? We turned that entire concept into a large, oafish character named ‘White Guilt,'" Pixar Producer James Holt told the press. "He runs around reminding Riley to support reparations, march in Black Lives Matter events, and talks constantly about how whites are evil colonist slave-holding racists. Kids will love him!"

Pixar announced Ray Romano will voice the new "lovable loser" character and shared a few glimpses at lines from the script including; "We whites are a scourge on society and it's up to us to dismantle systems of inherited racism, Riley," and "As a white girl, you need to recognize your privilege and know that every day you breathe the hatred of your ancestors. Do better and educate yourself."

"We hope this new character will better educate white people about the oppression they perpetuate just by being white," Holt explained. "Kids are gonna love it. And if they don't, they're racist little white supremacist scum. We love our audience!"

At publishing time, rumors indicated Pixar was considering adding a "You Were Born In The Wrong Body" emotion character for a potential Inside Out 3 to teach Riley how she isn't really a girl and needs puberty blockers to feel normal.

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