In Statement To Jewish Community, Biden Says Republican Opposition To Voting Bill Is 'Holocaust 2.0'
Politics · Jan 18, 2022 ·

U.S. - In an effort to mobilize Jewish voters to oppose Republicans in 2022, Joe Biden issued a statement calling the Republican agenda "Holocaust 2.0." This comes on the heels of his wild success in mobilizing black voters by calling Republican opposition to his voting bill "Jim Crow 2.0." 

"Listen folks, it's real simple. We're being honest here. In no way do we want to manipulate different racial groups to help us score cheap political wins by invoking their most horrible traumas and hanging them on the necks of our political opponents," said Biden. "That would be cynical and divisive. That said, Republicans clearly want to usher in a second Holocaust and they must be stopped."

2 expert op-ed columnists at The New York Times confirmed that if Republicans in Congress get their way, millions of people will be forced to vote by traveling all the way to a polling place and showing their IDs, which is voter suppression, which is literally the same thing as the Holocaust and Jim Crow.

Republicans in Congress responded quickly by comparing Joe Biden's agenda to "Colin Kaepernick kneeling 2.0."

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