Immigrants Turn Around And Go Home After Seeing Updated National Debt Figure
Politics · Nov 28, 2018 ·

TIJUANA - Thousands of immigrants waiting to get into the United States turned around and went home Wednesday afternoon upon seeing that the US government's national debt is now passed catastrophic levels.

Migrants quickly changed their minds about becoming American citizens when they saw just how much money they would have to pay in taxes over the next few decades just to keep up with the rapidly growing national debt's interest. They had heard America was a great place of opportunity with plenty of programs to assist the poor, but figured out that the math doesn't quite add up and that the government would be broke soon enough anyway.

"We came here for the great benefits and opportunities, but then we realized that if we became Americans, we and our children and their children would owe a ridiculous amount of money," one man from Guatemala told reporters as he packed up his things and prepared for the long journey home. "Thanks, but no thanks. We'll pass on becoming US citizens."

While they acknowledged their impoverished home countries weren't much better, they said the massive number was "baffling," and caused them to realize the welfare and entitlement programs the bulk of the budget is spent on simply aren't sustainable in the long run.

"What on earth are you guys spending such an obscene amount of money on?" one central American woman wondered aloud. "Like, you should probably get that under control. It's basic economics."


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