Ilhan Omar Arrives At Capitol Decked Out In Yeezy Gear
Politics · Dec 3, 2022 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Representative Ilhan Omar arrived at the Capitol today proudly decked out head-to-toe in brand new "Yeezy" gear.

"I love clothing that makes a statement, such as 'I want to push the Jews into the sea'," said Ms. Omar, showing off her new kicks. "When I looked deep into that mask and heard about Ye's love for Hitler - I realized I had finally found a man who really gets me. Well, besides my brother."

After hearing Ye's declaration of hatred for the Jewish people, Ms. Omar immediately purchased an entire wardrobe of his clothing to show her support. "It's been such a lonely ride the past few years, being one of the few nationally known Americans who openly hates the Jewish people," said Ms. Omar. "Standing here in my Yeezy gear, I don't feel so alone. Plus, I got an incredible deal! Right now the clothing is 30% off with the discount code GOEBBELS."

According to sources, Ms. Omar has added Ye to the invite list for her upcoming Schindler's List-themed birthday party. Ye has not yet confirmed his attendance, as he is reportedly planning a publicity blitz in Poland during the same timeframe.

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