Hymnals Add New Musical Notation Symbol For Blistering Guitar Solos

U.S.—An update to the nation’s hymnals includes a brand new musical notation symbol indicating when worship guitarists are expected to break out into a blistering guitar solo, industry publishers reported Thursday.

The symbol is reportedly designed to look like a trendy guitarist absolutely wailing on his ax, and appears on the traditional musical staff throughout the hymnals at the ideal time for a worship guitarist to “just go nuts.”

“We found the traditional set of lines and circles just weren’t connecting with our churches’ up-and-coming worship leaders and musicians,” a representative for the panel of hymn publishers told reporters. “Now, guitarists can just kind of track along with any chords printed on the page, and then break out into a wild solo as soon as they see the familiar, easy-to-recognize shape at the end of a verse or chorus.”

“We know most worship teams are just using chord sheets anyway, but we hope this will bring young church musicians back into the fold of classical music notation,” she added.

At publishing time, the hymnal publishers had confirmed that plans to include new symbols for groovy bass solos, thundering drum fills, and haunting synth chords were in the works.

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