Hero: This Father Pointed Out That The Baby's Diaper Needed Changing
Christian Living · May 27, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

Something to live up to, men: local father Chad Olson sacrificially pointed out that the baby's diaper needed changing earlier today.

Can you say "hero" with us?

Wow. Not a lot of guys would do that. But this husband and father knows how to lead his family well, how to humble himself, become a servant, and tell his wife, Jenny, when the baby's diaper is ready for a change.

"Hero? Me?" he said as his wife began changing their daughter. "No, I'm just a regular guy doing what the Scripture commands: to love my wife as Christ loved the church. If that means occasionally having to shout for my wife when the baby's diaper is full, so be it. Jesus never promised us husbands and fathers an easy life." 

What's even more amazing is that Olson performs this heroic act regularly, sometimes more than once a day. While he would never toot his own horn, several sources close to the Olson family confirmed that they've seen him take a big whiff of their daughter's diaper, make a disgusted face, and hand her off to his wife. He does this no matter how busy she is or how full her hands are, always being ready to serve his family well.

Chad's an inspiration for all of us, men. Let's go and do likewise.


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