Heartbreaking: This Deaf Child Was Healed, But The First Thing He Heard Was The Newsboys
Entertainment ยท Sep 8, 2017

This child was born without the ability to hear. But after doctors provided him with an experimental advanced hearing implement, he was able to use his ears for the first time!

Usually, this would be a heartwarming story - but not so fast.

Tragically, the first thing the sweet boy heard after being cured of his deafness was the Newsboys' popular song "God's Not Dead" playing on a nearby radio in the hospital.


The poor kid immediately burst into tears, signing for doctors to turn off the hearing aid so he could go back to his world of silence.

Medical assistants claim it took them several hours of coaxing to get him to put the implement back in his hear and try again, and it was only after they removed the nearby radio and assured the boy he would not hear the song when the device was turned back on.



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