Hallmark Channel Caves To LGBT Lobby In Development As Predictable As Plot Of Hallmark Christmas Movie

STUDIO CITY, CA—The Hallmark Channel has caved to the LGBT lobby after briefly pulling an ad featuring two women getting married.

The move is being criticized as trite and predictable, "just like a Hallmark Channel movie plot."

"We totally saw this one coming," said one viewer from California. "The company faces backlash from a small but vocal minority, and sure enough, they cave. Isn't this a rerun? I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before."

Some people said the development was "kinda comforting," though, since it's a tried and true formula where there aren't any surprises. Viewers said having the same plot repeat itself over and over is better than having to watch a confusing new plot, like if a company were to stand up to the LGBT lobby and stay true to traditional values despite the financial cost.

"Sometimes it's nice to know that the world continues to spin, the sun continues to rise in the east, and companies will continue to cower before the powerful LGBT lobby day in and day out," said one Hallmark Channel fan in Iowa. "There's something reassuring about it all."

"It's kinda heartwarming, to be honest."

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