Hack Suspected As Biden Posts Complete, Coherent Thought On Twitter
Politics ยท Jul 15, 2020

U.S. - Hackers have been blamed as Joe Biden posted a complete, coherent thought on Twitter earlier today.

As soon as Twitter support saw that Biden had posted several complete sentences in a tweet, they immediately locked his account down, suspecting a hack.

"The full, rational sentences were a dead giveaway," said a Twitter IT guy. "If you're gonna pretend to be Joe Biden, you have to add in several rambling asides, some made-up words, and three or four major gaffes. It clearly wasn't him, so we took steps to lock down his account."

"Hackers, you know, thhhhe--the thing that, that hacks--hackers are dangerous," said Joe Biden in a statement to the press. "Back in my day, hackers were the guys who would cut down your telegram wire and listen in on the ol' party line. My cousin, Velma, she once said..." At this point, he abruptly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, President Trump's account posted several deranged rants about random stuff, assuring everyone that his account had not been compromised.


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