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Google Plus Hacked, Exposing Data Of All 19 Users

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Representatives for Google confirmed Monday that its Google Plus network was compromised over the weekend, exposing the sensitive personal data of all 19 people still using the social network.

The hack is the largest Google Plus data breach in the history of the social media site, coming at an inopportune time when membership had "ballooned" from 17 to 19 over the past year.

"If you're one of the rare, elusive creatures who still use Google+ for some reason, please change your password," one rep said. "We are working to secure the breach so this will not happen again."

"Thankfully, 8 or 9 of the people who still use Google Plus are bots, we think, so there's only a handful of people who really need to be worried," she added.

The hack exposed the few users' interests, such as what Communities with absolutely no other people in them they've joined and what things they Plussed back when there was actual content on the network for a few weeks back when it launched.

At publishing time, six people had left Google Plus over the data breach, leaving the user base at a "solid baker's dozen."

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