Good News For Dems: Biden And Harris Now Polling At 66% Approval If You Combine Their Numbers
Politics · Nov 8, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Democrats are thrilled after new polling data revealed Biden's approval rating is 38% and Kamala Harris's approval rating is 28%, which when combined, adds up to a combined approval rating of 66%.

"Biden and Harris are a great team," said Psaki to reporters. "Especially when they come together to add up their approval ratings. 66%! Wow! That's a really good number!" 

Experts are pointing to Biden's stellar performance on the economy, his confident leadership, and mathematical addition as reasons why his combined approval rating with Kamala is so high.

"We think it's safe to say our country is in great hands," said all the CNN anchors, whose combined ratings are almost as good as Tucker Carlson's.

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