God Politely Informs Worship Leader He Heard Bridge The First Time
Church · Oct 26, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

WEST MEMPHIS, AR - A representative for the Most High confirmed to worship leader Jacob "Axe" Thompson that he heard the bridge of "O Come to the Altar" the first time, and that He would not be needing Thompson to repeat the musical bridge another 37 times.

As the worship leader prepared to go into a fourth bridge Sunday morning, a heavenly messenger appeared and gently informed the musician that God heard the bridge the first time he played it.

"Hey bud," the angel said as Thompson prepared to make the transition. "Don't be afraid! I bring good tidings of great joy: God already heard your bridge!" The worship leader prepared to flee from the majestic sight, but the angel assured him he meant no harm. "Fear not! I simply wanted you to know that you don't need to repeat the bridge over and over again. A time or two is fine, but really - we just wanted you to know that God hears everything and He doesn't necessarily need to hear it another 37 times."

"I mean, if you're really into it, that's cool, I guess. Just throwing it out there."

"Alright, good talk. Guess I'll get back upstairs," he added before disappearing.

At publishing time, a second heavenly cohort had appeared to inform Thompson that the Lord could hear him even if he didn't sing in a ridiculously high key.

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