Fringe Conspiracy Theorist Believes Epstein Just Killed Himself
Politics ยท Nov 4, 2019

BAKER'S BEND, ID - Fringe conspiracy theorist Alec Peters has pushed a lot of crazy theories, including false flag shootings, NASA weather control, and the idea that everyone in Washington, D.C. is a lizard-person under the control of an advanced alien race (though he's actually provided some interesting evidence for that last claim).

But Peters has finally left the reservation with his latest claim: that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in prison.

Peters recently published his latest YouTube video, titled "WHAT THE DEEP STATE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW: EPSTEIN ACTUALLY DID JUST COMMIT SUICIDE."

"I know most of you out there are going to call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but here goes: Epstein committed suicide," he said on his video. "The mainstream thinking here is that he didn't do it and that someone else had him killed, but that's what all these normies out there want you to believe.

A lot of Peters' followers quickly unsubscribed, calling him a crackpot.

"I could track with him through his flat-earth phase, but this is too far," wrote one commenter. "Unsubscribing."

His video was immediately demonetized and scrubbed from the internet, presumably by deep state operatives who want to cover up the truth.

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