Four-Year-Old Excited To Learn Her Pet Fish Is Magic And Changes Colors After Every Family Vacation
Family · Apr 24, 2021 ·

HOUSTON, TX - Local girl Caitlyn Grace got quite the shock when her family returned from the beach this weekend, as her pet beta fish "Sweetie Pie" had suddenly transformed from pink to orange.

"Mommy, mommy! What happened to Sweetie Pie?" cried Caitlyn, tears welling up in her big blue eyes. "Is he sick? Is he going to die?? I love him sooo much!" whimpered little Caitlyn, grasping her mother's legs.

A series of glances passed from Mom to Dad - first abject fury, followed by confusion, then finally a mutual understanding.

"Honey, we have something to tell you about Sweetie Pie", said Dad. "He…is... MAGIC! We bought you a very special beta fish, who every so often can do an amazing trick where he changes color, and maybe size and shape too! Sweetie Pie is absolutely fine, honey. He's just showing you his magic - isn't that great?"

Anxious moments passed as Mom and Dad watched little Caitlyn process the unexpected news. Slowly, the tears left her eyes and a big smile spread across her face. "Aww I love my magic fish! Thank you thank you! Can I have some crackers?" asked a relieved Caitlyn as she bounced away to her room.

Mom and Dad soon heard Caitlyn call, "Mommy!!  What happened to my hamster??"

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