Family Does Modified Version Of Dave Ramsey Plan Where They Just Never Budget And Spend Way Too Much Money
Finance · Mar 21, 2023 ·

BAKERSFIELD, CA — While Dave Ramsey purists have long touted the importance of following his strict budgeting plan as written, one Southern California family has taken an innovative approach: calling it "Dave Ramsey Lite," where they just avoid budgeting altogether and spend well beyond their means.

"Dave's principles are well and good, but some of the finer details of his prescription just aren't practical. Step one is to get on a budget? That's already unreasonable!" Sam Johnson spoke out via a brief Facebook live video he recorded on his iPhone 14 Pro Max, purchased on credit with a payment plan despite already being in $31,000 of consumer debt.

The Johnson family has done "Dave Ramsey-ish" as well as several other modified versions of the personal finance guru's plan, justifying the adjustments by citing the "impracticality of envelopes," the difficulty of carrying cash, or the hurdle of time management to look at the budget even once per year. "We usually just keep spending throughout the month and hope for the best – it's easier this way. Dave Ramsey Lite!"

At publishing time, the Johnson family had grown frustrated after realizing they were bankrupt. The Johnsons are blaming Dave Ramsey and his "awful plan" for their troubles.

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