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Family Beginning To Worry For Mother's Sanity After Just One Week Of 'Frozen II' On Repeat

LIVE OAK, TX—The Torrance family is beginning to grow concerned for the sanity of wife and mother Karen after just a week of being under quarantine with Frozen II on repeat in her household.

It all started when Disney+ added the film to its growing collection of streaming films and shows. Mrs. Torrance's eye began to twitch after just the third viewing that evening. The next morning, she got up and said she wanted to work on a little writing project.

"Good for you, honey," her husband said. "It's healthy to have something to do during this difficult quarantine." But his cheer turned to concern when he peeked at what she was writing and found she had just written "ALL FROZEN AND NO SOCIALIZING MAKE MOMMY GO CRAZY" over 4200 times in a Google Doc.

The woman appears to have reached her breaking point this morning after the 119th viewing of the film.

"Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha!!!" she began to cackle this morning as she woke up to the sound of Elsa singing "Into the Unknown." "HAHAHAHA!!!!"

"We can't but help wonder if she's alright," said her husband as the woman scrawled, "FROZEN ALL DAY MAKES MOMMY GO CRAZY" all over the living room walls.

"Heeeeere's Karen!" she screamed maniacally as she broke the television set with an axe. "Come out here and take your medicine, Elsa, Anna, and that stupid snowman! AHHHHHH!!!!"

Her family was finally able to calm her down with some lavender oil.

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