Facebook Unveils New Bigot Recognition Technology
Internet ยท Nov 13, 2018

MENLO PARK, CA - In a move to better filter out unapproved positions and people, Facebook unveiled its new Bigot Recognition Technology (BRT) at a press event Tuesday.

The new tech automatically detects people who are likely to be prejudiced, backward cretins and flags them for removal from the social network.

"We're looking for key indicators of bigotry, like being white, believing in God, and holding any political position to the right of Stalin," Mark Zuckerberg said at the event. "Our algorithm has been trained to flag and remove offensive people who aren't welcome on our platform: straight, cisgendered males, conservative people, and of course, Christians."

Facebook's new technology did have a major hiccup early on, when it flagged several Antifa pages, but Zuckerberg had his engineering team program an exception for bigots on the left. "If you're being intolerant for the sake of tolerance, then yes, you're exempt from our new bigot filters, obviously," he said.


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