Elizabeth Warren Vows National Manhunt To Find All The Writers Of The Babylon Bee

U.S.—Presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced a plan to fight disinformation online. She has also announced the main target of this effort: “satire” site The Babylon Bee, one of the main perpetrators of fake news.

“When I am president,” Warren told the press, “I immediately will initiate Order 66 and send an elite task force to hunt down and end all disinformation.” Many confused Boomers are expected to end up in prison from this, but Warren explained that the main targets will be the writers of The Babylon Bee, who are to be hunted down and tried for high to medium treason.

The Babylon Bee in the past has written a number of stories about Warren, including her attacking her Senate colleagues with a tomahawk, her dressing up as a student loan fairy, and her claiming she lost her teaching job when her mustache fell off, revealing she’s a woman. Some of these have been disproven by Snopes. “This isn’t about one website, though,” Warren explained. “This is about making sure that there are no lies on the internet -- especially about me. There will be exceptions, though, for politicians, as sometimes we make mistakes -- like that whole Native American thing.”

The Babylon Bee is not backing down, though, and has announced it will continue to “write entertaining satire from a Christian viewpoint” and will “never be taken alive.”

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