Elizabeth Warren Leaves Brutal 1-Star Review For Ancestry.com
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U.S.—Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren left a brutal 1-star review for Ancestry.com on a popular consumer review site, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Internet users noticed a particularly negative review of the site's DNA testing and family tree analysis services. They were then able to link the account, JefeWarren2020, to the presidential candidate's official email address.

"Site suggested I was only 1/1024th Native American, even though I have a lot of anecdotal family stories from my mama and my papa that suggest otherwise," she wrote in the bitter review. "Very bad services. I would not use them again."

"I even used my Native American heritage to get a leg up in life, and now some cheap website comes along and tells me it's all a lie? I don't think so, Buster!" the review continued. Warren then left a list of Native American words she knows as proof of her Indian heritage: teepee, maize, and buffalo.

"So as you can see, Ancestry.com is a huge scam!"

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