Due To Inflation, Easter Bunny Forced To Hide Ramen Noodles In Yard
Life · Apr 8, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. — With inflation remaining stubbornly persistent, the Easter Bunny has been forced to hide ramen noodle packages around people's yards in lieu of his usual eggs.

"Wow Dad, I got shrimp flavor!" shouted an excited Molly as she scrambled across the backyard. "This one is low sodium! Yippee!!"

Despite the initial surprise at having no eggs, children across the nation have reportedly taken the change in stride. "Their faces really lit up when they found Picante Chicken flavor under the swing set," said Rebecca Jones, mother of three. "There may not be candy inside, but soy packets will be a great substitute. Oh look, Sam! There's Lime Chili Chicken under the gutter drain!"

The Easter Bunny wrestled with the decision to change up the tradition, but inflation left him with little choice. "I considered cutting back to one egg per yard," said the Easter Bunny. "Luckily, I stumbled upon ramen noodles. With low-cost, pastel-colored packages, and incredible flavor variety, Maruchan Ramen basically saved Easter. The kids are going to love it."

At publishing time, the Easter Bunny stated he would likely make the change to ramen permanent, seeing as how it's not biologically possible for him to lay eggs anyway.

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