DoorDash Introduces New 'Wife Mode' Where It Will Recommend All Her Favorite Restaurants For Her To Reject
Health ยท Jan 25, 2022

U.S. - DoorDash has begun rolling out an updated version of their popular app which features a new 'Wife Mode' that recommends all of your spouse's favorite restaurants for her to reject.

"It's no secret that married couples often disagree about what food to order. Sometimes these disagreements escalate into heated arguments that leave husbands throwing their hands up in frustration instead of ordering food," said DoorDash CEO Edgar Dash. "And that hurts our bottom line."

'Wife Mode' is triggered when the app picks up the phrase, "Anything's fine with me." The user is then given restaurant suggestions one at a time to get all of the rejections out of the way quickly and efficiently.

"We recommend husbands hand the phone to their wife when the mode is activated," advised DoorDash support. "They can then go about their business until their spouse selects a restaurant or runs out of options."

Recent app reviews indicate the new feature is a big success. Some users have even credited 'Wife Mode' with saving their marriage. But DoorDash has no plans to stop there. A new 'Husband Mode' is in development that will nag men until they order a low-calorie entree.

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