Disney Capitalizes On Success Of Baby Yoda With Baby Jar Jar

U.S.—Fans of The Mandalorian, rejoice! Disney is responding to fan enthusiasm over the "baby Yoda" character with more baby characters. The first of these, dubbed Baby Jar Jar, will be introduced in next week's episode.

"We've heard the fans loud and clear: they want more baby characters, and we're starting with the most beloved of all: Baby Jar Jar!" said Jon Favreau. "This adorable little infant Gungan will win your heart with his cute slapstick antics. His speech patterns are exactly like regular Jar Jar, but in a baby voice! What could be better than that? Nothing, that's what."

The baby is rumored to be a clone of Jar Jar Binks, or perhaps one of his descendents. Whatever he turns out to be, Disney is very confident the little guy will be a huge hit among fans.

"MEESA HAVE TO POOPY?" Baby Jar Jar says as Mandalorian bounty hunter Dyn Jarren discovers him in a remote outpost. "Ex-SQUEEZE ME, NEED NEW DIAPY. BIG DOO DOO! ICKY ICKY POO! PEE YOUSA!"

Jarren tries to put the baby back and slowly back away, but it's too late, as the little Gungan has imprinted on him. "Aw, crap. Guess we're keeping this little... thing," he grunts, begrudgingly rescuing Baby Jar Jar. "DISSEN GONNA BE BERY MESSY!"

Baby Yoda also tries to Force-choke Baby Jar Jar but through a comedy of errors, the little guy always seems to slip away.

How adorable! It's great to see that Disney is listening to the fans!

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