Dire Report Warns Hospitals Are Filled To Capacity With Dancing TikTok Nurses
Health · Jan 4, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - A dire report is indicating that ERs and urgent care centers across the country are overflowing, not because of COVID patients, but because they are full of nurses dancing for funny TikTok videos.

The report found that every ER in the country is at or over 100% of its limit for dancing nurses. Patients are being turned away as there just isn't enough room for the sick and the nurses who want to make funny videos. The ERs are simply being flooded with an overwhelming number of health professionals desperate to become a viral hit on the social media platform.

"There is commonly a surge of TikTok nurses this time of year, but this season seems particularly bad," said Dr. James Wiley of MIT. "If we don't stop the dancing nurses soon, we could end up with a tragic number of these horribly cringey videos."

One man being treated for COVID in a San Jose hospital was wheeled out of his room and discharged since R.N. Cindy needed the room to do an epic backflip off the bed. "Out of the way, Bob!" she said as she wheeled him to the exit. "My TikTok followers need me! I'm an influencer!"

Some hospitals are only 95% full of dancing nurses, but all the remaining space is being used for nurses to take judgmental glaring selfies telling people to "stay the f#$% home."


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