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'Deny Your Conscience, Take Up Your Guns, And Follow Trump,' Urges Jerry Falwell, Jr.

LYNCHBURG, VA—In the wake of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call for the GOP to moderate its position on abortion, Liberty University president and influential Evangelical Jerry Falwell, Jr. affirmed his support for Trump, calling upon Christians to “remember the words of Christ, which I’m paraphrasing: ‘Deny your conscience, take up your guns, and follow Trump.’”

At a Thursday press conference, Falwell downplayed Trump’s abortion shift. “We all know the story of the woman caught in adultery, when Jesus encouraged the Pharisees to moderate their position on stoning, right? As long as Trump doesn’t change his position on firearms, brothers and sisters, he’s got my hearty endorsement.”

He went on to double down on his firm belief in Trump’s Christianity. “Some people make fun of him for saying ‘Two Corinthians,’ but that’s just a nickname. That’s how much Donald Trump loves the Bible—he has nicknames for all the books. I wished I loved the Bible as much as Donald Trump!”

Echoing his earlier sentiments that the fruits of Trump’s faith could be seen in the jobs he has created, Falwell also noted “I’m not saying he’s better than Jesus, but even the Lord himself only created, what, twelve jobs?”

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