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David Platt Organizes 15-Year Short-Term Missions Trip To Somalia

BIRMINGHAM, AL—As part of an initiative to get more young people interested in missions, president of the International Missions Board David Platt has announced an “approximately 15-year-long, short-term missions trip to Somalia.”

The trip is being billed by Platt as “perfect for newbies who just want to dip their toe in the water before deciding if a life of radical long-term missions is really right for them.”

According to the popular preacher and author, Somalia is an “awesome locale” for young missionaries, as they get to experience hiding from brutal persecution at the hands of Islamic radical groups like al-Shabaab and secretly spreading the gospel while fearing for their lives each day.

Platt also stated that the trip would include several years of prison, if the young would-be missionaries get lucky and avoid a rushed beheading upon the slightest rumor that the visiting group of Americans are actually Christians.

“It’s a pleasant trip, even if it is a bit of a challenge,” Platt said. “For beginners, anyway.”

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