Daily Coronavirus WH Briefings Renewed For Second Season Thanks To Record Ratings

WASHINGTON, D.C.—One important thing people have noticed during the coronavirus crisis are the massive ratings for President Donald Trump’s daily White House briefings.

“Look at these huge ratings!” Trump told the press at his last briefing, putting a chart of TV ratings over one of projected coronavirus infections. “This is blowing The Apprentice out of the water!”

Ratings have been so good, in fact, that the daily White House coronavirus briefings have just been renewed for a second season even though the current season isn’t even half over.

“People are just glued to their screens during these,” said TV critic Wade Moran. “Everyone is just watching and asking, ‘What’s going to happen next? Who is going to die this season? Is it me?’ It’s almost as surprising and compelling as that Tiger King.”

It’s not known yet what the second season of the daily White House press briefings will be about. It could be that the coronavirus has gotten worse -- maybe mutated. Or they could go a completely different direction with it and have the briefings be about some completely new crisis that requires daily updates. Whatever it is, Trump isn’t saying. “All I will tell you is that you’re going to be excited,” Trump told the press. “And probably a bit scared.”

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