Creflo Dollar Legally Changes Name To Moneybags McGee
Celebs · Oct 17, 2016 ·

COLLEGE PARK, GA - A recent court record obtained by an investigative reporter Monday confirmed that megachurch pastor and health-and-wealth guru Creflo Dollar has filed a successful petition to legally change his name to "Moneybags McGee."

The preacher formerly known as Dollar listed "a desire to more accurately reflect my enormous net worth" as the primary reason for the name change, sources confirmed.

"My name's just 'Dollar,' and well, I literally have like thirty million dollars," he wrote on the official petition to a local Georgia Superior Court. "I feel like if my name is something more truthful like 'Moneybags,' I'll be taken a lot more seriously as a minister of God's Word."

An older petition to the court uncovered by the reporter seemed to indicate that McGee had previously attempted several name changes that were rejected by Georgia's Superior Court, including names like "Piles O' Cash," "Rollin' In Dough," "Filthy Rich," and simply "$."


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