Counsel On Biblical Gender Roles To Update Manuals With Correct Spelling Of 'Complementarian'
Ministries · Feb 29, 2016 ·

RINCON, GA - In an effort toward uniformity and correctness, the Counsel on Biblical Gender Roles is updating all its official materials with the correct spelling of "complementarian," according to Executive Director Pat Doyle. "Biblical roles and spelling rules go hand-in-hand," Doyle added. "It's hard for a doctrine to be taken seriously when those who advocate for our view don't even know how to spell it." The organization will undertake updating all of its existing publications to replace the frequent misspelling, "complimentarian," with the correct spelling, which, grammar experts say, has an entirely different meaning.

"'Compliment' means to say something nice to someone," Trisha McAuliffe, an adjunct English instructor at Rochester Community College explained. "'Complement' means a fitting counterpart." She had, however, never heard of complementarianism.

Doyle agrees with McAuliffe's interpretation. "We actually had a bit of confusion at the Midwestern Regional Conference over this matter last year because of the common misspelling, Doyle said. "All the promotional flyers for the event spelled it 'complimentarian,' and we ended up with a group of cheerleaders from a local middle school showing up as part of a school project on raising self-esteem."

The Counsel is also asking all bloggers who support the organization's mission to use the correct spelling in the future and, if possible, to revise all existing articles and blog posts. When asked to estimate how many blog posts might be affected, Doyle responded, "We have no way of knowing for sure. Probably upwards of half a million."

The Counsel insists the effort, though time-consuming, is worthwhile. "Spelling is important. Once you ease up in one area, it's a downward slide from there. Our mix-up with the cheerleaders is nothing compared to what the American Arminian Association went through at their 2002 national conference."

When asked if any plans were underway for an update on the organization's title, Doyle said, "Not at this time."

The Counsel's Rules for Roles committee will have its first meeting next Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at Cavalry Baptist Church.

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