Conservative Caught Listening To NPR Swears He Only Tunes In For 'Car Talk'
Life · Jul 8, 2024 ·

PLANO, TX — Local man Rob Gleck insisted he was only listening to the automotive call-in show ‘Car Talk' after his wife caught him sitting in the car with NPR playing over the weekend.

"I swear, honey!" Gleck told his wife Mindy. "I wasn't listening to anything but Click and Clack! I would never willingly tune in to ‘Morning Edition' or ‘This American Life'. I mean, Ira Glass used to just feature sort of compelling human interest stories but now it's pretty much just Trump Derangement Syndrome over there 24/7. I just listen for the witty banter of the Magliozzi brothers, I promise! Please believe me!"

Mindy informed reporters she's been worried about her husband ever since she caught him presetting their local NPR frequency to their car's radio channels a few months ago, a move he swore was just to help him better access his favorite car talk show.

"I dunno. I get that he loves Car Talk, but I just don't like having that station on in our house," Mindy said. "Last week he fell asleep during the show and when Planet Money came on they started talking about how if Trump's elected he's going to just straight up burn all economists at the stake in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I think NPR may have lost its way a bit…"

At publishing time, Rob Gleck could be seen quietly sneaking out to the car to catch his favorite show while Mindy apprehensively hid in the trunk to make sure her husband turned it off before Nina Totenberg started talking about The Handmaid's Tale again.

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