CNN Report: Evil Trump Kidnaps Three People From North Korean Paradise
Politics · May 10, 2018 ·

ATLANTA, GA - An exclusive new CNN report revealed Thursday that President Trump has kidnapped three people from the paradise of North Korea, forcing them to get on a plane and return to the United States against their wishes.

A teary-eyed CNN anchor broke the story, visibly enraged at the egregious act of international terrorism. CNN reporters had discovered that the three visitors had been in North Korea enjoying a vacation for many months before Trump unilaterally decided to have them forcibly flown back to America, even aggressively accosting them when they landed.

"This heartbreaking story shows just how low President Trump will go," the anchor said, his voice quavering. "How much longer will this country allow this madman to go on trampling the name of the United States on the world stage? This is an unprecedented act, for a sitting president to personally kidnap perfectly happy visitors to the communist wonderland of North Korea."

"The time for impeachment is now!" he added, beginning to chant, "Impeach Trump! Impeach Trump!"

At publishing time, sources at CNN had been able to confirm that Trump is planning on flying to a meeting with Kim Jong Un, where the two will discuss how to most efficiently destroy and enslave the world.

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