Church Politely Asks Worship Leader To Stop Smashing Guitar Every Time He Plays 'Reckless Love'
Church ยท Jan 15, 2019

REDONDO BEACH, CA - In a special disciplinary meeting, church leaders were forced to ask worship leader Mike "Soundhole" Johnson to stop smashing the church guitar every time he gets to the bridge on popular worship song "Reckless Love."

Every time the worship leader builds up through the powerful bridge of the song, he gets "a little carried away" and starts slamming the church's expensive acoustic guitar onto the stage.

"We've gone through 15 guitars in the past three months alone," said exasperated lead pastor Bill Mace. "How are we supposed to spend money on nice stage lights and expensive building projects if we're having to pick up a new Martin guitar at least once a week?"

"Ol' Soundhole's been great for our attendance, but we're gonna have to go a different route if this keeps up," he added.

At publishing time, Johnson had agreed to tone down his antics during "Reckless Love," but would make no guarantees about "What a Beautiful Name."


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