Church Guitarist Finally Has Excuse To Play 'Eruption' During Sunday Service
Church · Oct 8, 2020 ·

GREENSBORO, NC - In the wake of Eddie Van Halen's tragic death due to cancer, worship team guitarists around the country are excited to have an excuse to play Van Halen's Eruption during the church service instead of just playing bits of it during morning warmup. According to Evangelical sources, thousands of churches will pay tribute to the legendary rocker this coming Sunday. 

"I've been practicing it all week," said Willoughby Clemson, lead guitarist for Upwardly Compelled City Collective Church in downtown Greensboro. "Check it out!"

Clemson attempted to play the opening notes of Van Halen's famous face-melting guitar solo but messed up and had to start over.

"I played it perfectly before you walked in here, I swear! I'm sure I'll have it ready by Sunday!"

The bass player for the worship team also expressed excitement for paying tribute to the great Eddie Van Halen by standing back and watching the guitarist attempt to play through Eruption without messing up.

"Maybe I'll throw in a note or two in here and there," he said. 


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