Church Bassist Discovers His Amp Has Been Unplugged For Past 20 Years
Church · Mar 20, 2017 ·

SAVANNAH, GA - Christroads Community Church bassist Jimmy Bernard suddenly realized Sunday that his bass amp has been unplugged for the past two decades, without anyone ever noticing, sources confirmed.

While carefully adjusting his amp's sound levels to "get a little more punch" out of the amplifier before Sunday's service, something caught Bernard's eye: the power cord protruding out of the back of his amp was neatly wound up and zip-tied, having never been uncoiled and plugged into the wall.

"Hey, was anyone gonna tell me my amp wasn't plugged in?" Bernard asked as other worship band members pretended not to hear him over the drummer's warm-up fills. "I put this amp up here in '97, and no one told me it's been off this whole time?"

"Our congregation is gonna see what they've been missing today, that's for sure!" he added.

Bernard reportedly corrected the mistake, allowing his basslines to resonate through the building for the first time in decades, but according to reports, nobody noticed.

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