Believer Who Didn't Grow Up In Christian Culture Knows Nothing About Christianity Except What's In The Bible
Christian Living · Aug 20, 2020 ·

BRIGHTON, CO - Tyler Briggs became a believing Christian as an adult, and it's left him feeling disadvantaged when speaking to Christians who grew up in the faith. "It feels like I barely know what they're talking about," Tyler said, "unless they're quoting something from the Bible."

Briggs recounted a conversation from the previous day. "They mentioned a few names, which I gathered from context were probably famous preachers, and then talked about someone who fell away from the faith, who I believe was supposed to be famous or wrote a book or something. And then there was something about dc Talk -- which I would have thought was a Washington, D.C., talk radio station, but that did not seem right. Finally, one person said something about Paul's letter to the Romans, and finally I was like, 'Oh. I know this.' But then they mentioned Arminians, and I was lost again. Did they live near the Ephesians?"

Briggs shook his head. "I feel so lost at times. I wish there was a book of useful Christian knowledge."

He then added with a whisper, "And who -- or what -- is Carman?"

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