Open Discussion Thread: Welcome To All Our New Members!
Premium · Aug 20, 2020 ·

As many of you know, this week we experienced the great Twitter Suspension of 2020. Some say it was one of the darkest 90 minutes in internet history. Some others went "Meh" and moved on with their days.

But not you. You chose to join the great and noble cause of hilarious satire and support The Babylon Bee. To that, we say thank you, and welcome to the club! Since we can't greet you in person, we have included this picture of a friendly church greeter to help you feel as awkward and singled out as possible. 

We hope you enjoy the improved ad-free site experience, exclusive podcast content, the headline pitching forum, and premium articles! Here in the premium articles, you will get to discuss the latest news with other Bee fans and interact with our writers! Sometimes, even the powerful and mysterious founder Adam Ford will pop in. 


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