Christian Recording Artist Still On Track To Renounce Faith By 2018

NASHVILLE, TN—According to popular CCM recording artist James Reavis, the musician’s plan to entirely abandon the Christian faith by end-of-year 2018 is still “right on schedule.”

The singer has been a mainstay on Christian radio since his big break almost eight years ago, when hit single “Love, Love, Love, Yeah!” became an instant hit on the airwaves.

“Most people didn’t notice, but I subtly kicked off my plan to abandon orthodox Christianity with my sophomore record back in 2012,” Reavis explained to reporters. “On that album, I didn’t reference God at all, switching over to vague, spiritual-sounding references for the first time.”

The multi-instrumentalist said he then gradually decreased the volume of “Christian rhetoric” on his albums while increasing “spiritual ambiguity,” adding that he even threw some soft, artistic cussing into his last album to prepare his fan base for his inevitable slide into apostasy.

“My upcoming sixth studio album and accompanying Twitter rant will leave no doubt about it. I’ll be out of the faith entirely, and believe you me, I’ll have something to say to anyone who questions my skepticism,” Reavis confirmed.

At publishing time, the singer had decided to film a suggestive music video to “really seal the deal.”

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