Christian Rebel Coolly Drops H-Bomb Into Conversation Like It's No Big Deal

TUCSON, AZ—Ensuring that his fellow Christians would know that he has a “dark side,” local rough-around-the-edges Christian Manny Nuñez dropped “the H-bomb” into a conversation with his small group, shocked sources confirmed Tuesday.

After slipping the cuss word into a sentence, Nuñez continued right on talking without skipping a beat, as though it weren’t a big deal, his small group members confirmed.

“Manny showed us he really has a tough, worldly side,” his small group leader said afterward. “Man, he’s so cool. I’ve tried to drop cuss words here and there but it’s always obvious I have no idea how to use them. I get all flustered.”

“Ugh, he’s even got tattoos. Lucky!”

Sources also confirmed Nuñez always knows the exact right spot to use curse words, and further demonstrates his uncanny ability to drop H, D, B, and even S-bombs at the exact right moment without overusing them to the point of people questioning his salvation.

“It’s like, the exact right amount—he uses them just enough so you know that he knows the full range of words and don’t forget that he’s not afraid to use them when necessary,” his leader added.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that Nuñez makes sure to never push the envelope too far by using the F-word.

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