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Christian Feminists Replacing Hymnals With Hyrnals

OAKLAND, CA—The National Christian Feminist Coalition for Gender-Neutral Worship Song Singing (NCFCGNWSS) has released a new edition of classic and popular worship hymns for use in progressive churches nationwide.

The new worship songbook—referred to by NCFCGNWSS members as a “hyrnal” (pronounced “her-nal”)—have removed all masculine pronouns and imagery referring to God from classic and popular hymns. In some cases this has involved the removal of entire stanzas from certain hymns. In more drastic cases, all of the words have been removed altogether, leaving only the melody printed on the page.

“It’s really quite simple,” said Stacey Pedersen, a NECGNWSS board member. “The gender inequality that exists in Scripture has been evident for some time now, and we’ve made great strides at removing any hint of gender from the story of the Bible. To us, the next logical step was to remove gender stereotypes from hymns—I mean hyrs.”

“Even the name of the book—‘hymnal’—triggers feelings of misogyny and gender-inferiority,” Pedersen said, “and it’s time for that to change.” When pointed out that the words “hymn” and “hymnal” have nothing to do with gender, Pedersen said she didn’t want to listen to any “mansplaining.”

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