Chipotle Now Offering Easy Payment Plans On Guacamole
Finance · Sep 20, 2018 ·

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Lots of people love Chipotle's guacamole, but it wasn't always affordable for the vast majority of the Mexican food chain's customers.

All that's changing now with the company's latest innovation: easy monthly payment plans on its guacamole, for customers with approved credit.

The chain is offering several financing options, including one scoop of guacamole for $49.99/mo for 36 months, or two scoops of guacamole for $69.99/mo for 48 months. Customers who qualify for financial assistance can get even further discounts, according to a Chipotle rep.

"For us, this is an issue of condiment justice," said the rep. "We've partnered with several community-oriented credit unions to offer the very best rates available, so everyone can enjoy a burrito with a little bit of guac on the top, no matter your income."

The chain did warn against overextending yourself by taking on too many concurrent guacamole payments: Chipotle agents aren't afraid to repossess any remaining guacamole stored in your fridge or stomach should you default on your loan.


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