Chick-Fil-A Employee Cowers Before Katana-Wielding Manager After Failing To Say 'My Pleasure'
Christian Living · Sep 21, 2017 ·

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY - A cowering Chick-fil-A employee, frightened for his life, was reportedly instructed to kneel before a furious manager brandishing a katana after the cashier failed to respond to a customer's request for more Chick-fil-A sauce with the chain's customary phrase "my pleasure."

According to a source close to the situation, the katana is a favorite weapon of managers of the restaurant chain's various locations when they need to "get tough" on employees who fail to say the magic words even just one time.

"Aiiiiiiyaaaaaaah!" the manager reportedly screamed as she swung the ceremonial katana at the sobbing fast food worker, begging for his life, before stopping just inches short of his jugular. "I've killed more employees than I can count just for not saying 'my pleasure' with enough enthusiasm. Remind me again what's stopping me from taking you down right now?"

"P-p-please, please - hey, it's me, Timmy, remember? I worked the cow suit for years! We're practically family!" the employee was overheard saying as he trembled violently, pleading with the manager to "not do anything rash."

According to witnesses, after several tense minutes berating the man and threatening to lop his head off, the furious manager swung the blade down as if to end his life, but instead simply made a short incision on his left cheek "as a warning" before tossing the traditional Japanese weapon to a frightened employee dressed as a cow standing nearby.

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