Character In Christian Movie Fails To Get Saved, Experts Baffled
Entertainment · Sep 19, 2017 ·

U.S. - A character in a newly released, direct-to-DVD Christian film entitled Bulletproof: Facing the Fire 2 failed to get saved in a scene prominently featuring a moving altar call, totally baffling film experts on how the movie could possibly have been released in an obviously unfinished state.

The movie is reportedly about a gruff, agnostic police officer who is forced to become partners on the job with a cheery, young Christian, who coaches a high school Christian football team, debates atheist college professors, and risks his life volunteer firefighting on the side.

The climactic scene shows the bitter, agnostic protagonist James Bedford finally attending a church service, but while he listens intently to the message, he still has some serious resistance to the gospel, and doesn't stand up or come forward to give his life to Christ, but simply leaves afterward and goes about his day.

"We just don't understand how the movie made it through the concept, storyboard, shooting, and post-production phases without anyone noticing that the main character never gets saved," a writer at the AV Club said in his review. "Otherwise this film has all the hallmarks of great Christian cinema: two-dimensional characters, a contrived central conflict, and dialogue that sounds like it was written by a third grader."

Film production studio Cleanfilms quickly apologized for the error, recalled all copies of the film, and further committed to releasing a version of the movie in which the protagonist suddenly comes to faith in Christ without any exploration of his honest doubts and questions, sources confirmed Tuesday.


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