Ceasing US Military Drills In South Korea Could Lead To Dangerous Levels Of Peace, Experts Warn
Politics · Mar 4, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

HANOI - After President Trump committed to ceasing large-scale military exercises in South Korea, experts throughout the military-industrial complex warned that the move could lead to dangerous levels of peace in the region.

"You don't want to leave a warzone too early, like 66 years after the conflict ended," said an executive at Lockheed Martin. "Can you imagine the peace that would break out?"

"What we have here is referred to as the 'domino effect,'" said National Security Adviser John Bolton. "You start by reducing drills, next you're bringing troops home, and finally you have a full-scale peace devastating the region." He spat the word "peace" out as though it were an obscene curse.

"That would simply be unamerican," he added.

Conservative outlets quickly took Trump to task for ending the longstanding American practice of sending soldiers to random countries on the other side of the world to show off the nation's military might. "This conflict ended over 60 years ago---it's much too soon to begin thinking about de-escalation," wrote one author in National Review. "Give it another few hundred years and maybe we can talk about bringing a few troops home."


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