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Canada Braces For Influx Of American Refugees

OTTAWA, ONT—With Election Day 2016 finally here, Canadian officials have put in place emergency measures to prepare for a large influx of American refugees, no matter which candidate ends up winning the bitter, controversial race for the White House.

The nation has reportedly prepared refugee camps, refugee relocation centers, and other measures to get ready for the Trump or Hillary supporters who vowed to flee to Canada during the election.

“We’re scrambling to implement our last-minute contingency plans to prepare for the millions of displaced, disillusioned Americans who have promised to move up here if their candidate does not win the election,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the press.

“This is not just an American problem, or a Canadian problem. It is a human rights problem,” he added.

Trudeau further stated the nation was terribly sorry about its lack of proper accommodations, and apologized several times for the weather.

Sources were also able to confirm that the hastily thrown-together refugee naturalization program would include education on Canadian customs such as storing milk in bags, eating at Tim Horton’s, and watching a popular sport known as “hockey.”

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