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Bizarre New Cult Submerges Converts In Tiny Pool

WORLD—A bizarre new cult submerges its converts in a tiny pool, sources around the world confirmed.

Founded a relatively recent 2,000 years ago (compared with the age of the earth which is 6,000 years), the cult takes new members and holds them underwater, briefly drowning them before pulling them back up again.

Some even crazier sects of this cult pour or sprinkle the water, while some sprinkle water on babies as well.

"It's a pretty kooky group of people," one religion reporter at The Washington Post said. "They all get together for this very solemn ceremony. The person about to get dunked says a few words. The cult leader forces them under the water, and then pulls them up. Everyone even claps for this frightening ceremony."

They also claim to eat the flesh and drink the blood of their founder.

Here are some other bizarre practices by the strange cult:

  • Finding joy in persecution
  • Living for others and not yourself
  • Closing their eyes, folding their hands, getting down on their knees, and saying "Father God" and "just" a lot
  • Being grateful instead of complaining about everything
  • Casseroles

Journalists say they're keeping a close eye on this cult in case it catches on, but they don't think it will.

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