‘Biden May Forget His Own Name, But How Often Do We Forget Our Identity In Christ?’ - Op-Ed By Youth Pastor Chet Skatington
Christian Living · Feb 10, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

Let me get real with you, fam.

Earlier this week, I was riding my fixie home from Jimmy John's when I got a message from one of my housemates. He said that President Biden doesn't remember who he is any more. "Wow," I thought. "Wow. How sad to forget your own identity! I hope I always remember that I'm Chet Skatington."

Then I realized something that, man, just cut me. It wrecked me and broke me, fam.

Biden may forget who he is, but let's ask ourselves: how often do we forget our identity -- in Christ? Biden may not know his name, but how often do I, Chet Skatington, forget who I am -- a son of the Most High?

It's easy to look out there and see someone else's dementia. But fam, what say we take a moment to be real with ourselves and ask the question: Do we have spiritual dementia? Do we keep forgetting important details about walking with Christ? I may not forget when I was born or who my sister is, but do I forget I am born again? Do I forget to pray for my sisters in Christ?

Now hear me on this. I know my name is Chet Skatington. You know your name too, probably. We don't forget our home address. We probably don't forget which way to walk and have to have Secret Service direct us to our bedroom. Do we forget the address of our ultimate home though -- in heaven? Do we forget which way to walk -- on the narrow road?

Let's own our spiritual dementia, fam. Biden has his dementia medications to help him remember --we have worship service to help us! Instead of taking Aricept pills, we take ourselves to Thursday night Bible Study.

Biden may keep on forgetting who he is. Don't you -- don't you -- forget who you are!

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